BeCyDialog ist a utility for displaying simple dialogs from shell scripts. The program's exit code indicates the button which the user pressed.
BeCyDialog is similar to the UNIX programs CDialog and XDialog, but is not as powerful (because text inputs cannot be returned to the batch, the dialogs are limited to those that merely display static text and some buttons).



Currently, four types of dialogs are supported: MsgBox, YesNo, InfoBox und TextBox. MsgBox displays a text and an OK button, YesNo displays a text and Yes+No buttons, InfoBox is an extended MsgBox which automatically hides after some time, and TextBox displays the contents of a file together with OK+Cancel buttons.


When BeCyDialog is started without parameters or with the parameter --help, a description of all supported parameters is displayed. Because this description is longer than one screen page, it is recommended to redirect the output to a file (e. g. BeCyDialog > Help.txt) or to pipe the output via the More command (BeCyDialog | More).


Freeware: The application is fully functional and can be used free of charge.


To download the program please click on the appropriate link in the download section.

Version History


  • added flags to enable/disable minimize box
User interface:
  • changed font of dialogs to support ClearType