BeCyIconGrabber is a small utility to view icons and cursors of any sizes that are contained in EXE, DLL, ICL, OCX, CPL, SRC, ICO and CUR files. The icons/cursors can be saved either individually as an icon, cursor, bitmap, png file or collectively within resource libraries.


File Formats

The application supports reading icons/cursors from Windows executable files (NE/PE format) as for example EXE, DLL and ICL files. Of course simple icon/cursor files like ICO and CUR can also be read. However, the extraction of compressed or animated resources is not possible.
In addition to those standard Windows formats, the Unix XPM (v3) format can be imported, too
Individual images can be exported to ICO, CUR, BMP and PNG files. Multiple symbols can be saved as resource libraries, i.e. DLL or ICL files.

Directory View

Using this view the system can be browsed for a file in the usual way, i.e. the contents of the current directory is displayed in a list from which a file can be selected.
Using this view, one is not required to select files that really contain icons. For files without icons (like most document files), the application can automatically extract the icons from the associated application executable.

Search Mode

Besides searching on one's own, the application can scan the system for files which contain icons/cursors. Given a root directory the application scans this directory for symbols. Optionally, all sub directories can be scanned, too.


Frequently used icon/cursor files can be added to the list of Favorites. This way a file can easily be found the next time the application is run.

Access to Shell Icons

The Favorites always contain an entry which allows viewing the icons which are currently displayed by the operating system. Sometimes the best way to find an icon.


Freeware: The application is fully functional and can be used free of charge.

User Interface

Note: The left tabs are clickable if JavaScript is activated.


To download the program please click on the appropriate link in the download section.

Version History


Icons / Cursors:
  • added support to extract Vista-Icons using PNG format
  • added support to extract Unix-XPM3-Icons


User interface:
  • added possibility to zoom displayed symbols
  • extended status messages with progress indication
  • added option to en-/disable icon extraction
  • synced mouse wheel scrolling to operating system option
  • changed font of dialogs to support ClearType
Icons / Cursors:
  • fixed bug when extracting monochrome symbols from 16-bit resource libraries
  • implemented low-level extraction for executable (drastical speedup)
  • added support to write 16-bit resource libraries (aka ICL)


Icons / Cursors:
  • allowed extracting/saving of mouse pointers
  • added support to write multiple icons/cursors to resource library
  • added on-the-fly extraction when searching the file system
  • added option to en-/disable extraction of associated icons
  • fixed seldom but critical bug when extracting 16-bit icons


User interface:
  • added tool tips
  • added option to automatically extract symbols upon file selection


User interface:
  • embedded manifest to support XP visual styles
  • added option to select preferred bit depth for symbol display
  • added option to toggle full path or title-only display of favorite files
  • improved keyboard navigation
  • add file filter to directory view
Icons / Cursors:
  • added support to write (transparent) PNG files
  • extended symbol extraction in order to get each and every icon format out of executables
  • improved shell integration by DDE support
  • speeded searching/extracting symbols up