BeCyLinkEd is a console adaption of the Windows dialog for manipulation of shell links (aka shortcuts). The tool does not surprise with new functions but simply allows to view, create and edit shell links (i. e. target, working directory, window mode, icon and description) using DOS boxes or batch files.
Unix users might find it helpful to know that BeCyLinkEd also runs in WinE.



BECYLINKED LinkFile [Flags]

Path to the shell link (*.lnk) to view/edit/create. Must always be given as first paramater.

-p, --Path [TargetPath]
Get/set the path to the destination of the link.
-a, --Arguments [TargetArguments]
Get/set the command line arguments for the destination of the link.
-t, --Target [Target]
Get/set the destination (path and arguments) of the link. This option is a combination of -p and -a.
-w, --WorkDir [WorkingDirectory]
Get/set the working directory for the link.
-s, --ShowCmd [ShowCmd]
Get/set the show command (1=normal, 3=max, 12=min) for the link.
-i, --Icon [IconLocation]
Get/set the icon for the link. IconLocation has the general form "Path,IconIndex" with Path giving the location of an EXE, DLL, ICO or some other icon file and IconIndex giving the zero-based index of the icon within the file.
-d, --Description [Description]
Get/set the description for the link.

The short options are case-sensitive, the long options are not.
Giving no options flags is identical to using -t -w -s -i -d.
Link data can only be read or written. If one option flag includes data to set, link data is saved. Otherwise, link data is read and dumped out on the console. Link data is dumped line by line, in the order indicated by description of the option flags within this help. Requested but unset link data produces an empty line. If a link file does not exist when setting its data, it is created.

Reads all available link data from Test.lnk and dumps it.
BECYLINKED Test.lnk -p -a
Only outputs the path and the arguments for the link target.
BECYLINKED Test.lnk -p "C:\Test.exe" -a " -demo" -i "C:\Test.ico,0"
Sets the target and the icon for the link.

Exit codes

The program returns one of the following exit codes that can be evaluated by a batch file using the statement IF ERRORLEVEL:

0 - Succeeded
1 - Failed to get/set link data
2 - Failed to load/save shell link


Calling BeCyLinkEd without parameters or with the parameter --help outputs its usage description. Since this information is longer than a single screen page, it is recommened to redirect the output to a file (e. g. BeCyLinkEd > Help.txt) or to pipe the output into the command More (BeCyLinkEd | More).


Freeware: The application is fully functional and can be used free of charge.


To download the program please click on the appropriate link in the download section.